Your R4 3DS Arrived In The Mail - So Now What

The R4 3DS Cards for the Nintendo 3DS system have become one of the most popular third party accessories. They're new, but only in the sense of them being new for the Nintendo 3DS systems. The R4 flash cards have been around since the original Nintendo DS. And each new updated version of these very popular consoles has received a new version of the R4 itself. The original R4 worked on the DS and DS lite, while the DSI and DSI XL needed the R4i SDHC Card. With the Nintendo 3DS, the newest of the bunch.

It will allow you to use regular micro SD cards, and you can put all of your games, movies, music and more, right on these little inexpensive flash memory cards. There are plenty of reasons to get one, and if you're looking for a whole new way to use your Nintendo 3DS, then this card will do the trick - and then some!

Alright, so you have an R4 3DS card. Now what?

Oh boy, there are so many it would hard to list them all and pinpoint every single function of this card. But here are some of my own very favorite things to do once you have an R4 3DS at your disposal.

The first thing I suggest you do is grab yourself some freeware games. There are loads of them out there. Everything from unique and original games made by indie developers, right to remakes or ports of games like Doom and Quake, and even older games like Maniac Mansion. The R4 3DS allows you to load these unofficial ports, and then play them on your Nintendo 3DS.

The next thing you should do is grab yourself the latest version of Moonshell 2.1. Moonshell is the must have media player for the Nintendo 3DS and the R4. You will be able to watch virtually any type of video, movie, animation, etc... All you have to do is use a freeware converter in order for you to be able to convert the video from the format it is in, to the popular DPG format that is used by the R4 3DS. How well do they play? Just as they would on any TV set or PC monitor. The screen size is actually perfect for portable viewing. By screen size I mean the Nintendo 3DS screen. The movies and videos are all in full screen on the system.

If it's music you're after, then the R4 3DS can put all the music you can handle on your Nintendo 3DS too. The possibilities are almost endless really. I always tell friends that they should browse around the forums and find the games and apps they want, and get them while their R4 3DS is in the mail.

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