How to use r4i-gold pro 2013 to play pokemon white/black 2 with firmware v1.52

Just as we knew,r4i gold pro 3ds is a very hot flashcart in Europe and it uses wood firmware as well .You can use r4i gold pro  to play almost all latest games,such as Pokemon – Black Version 2 (US ),Pokemon – Black Version 2 (Kr) and so on.

And following is a detailed guide on how to use r4i-gold pro 2013 to play pokemon white/black 2 with firmware v1.52 and mainly from my own experience and hope it will help you :

1.Download the r4i gold pro 3ds flashcart latest kernel v1.52 from download page and unzip it,open the folder and copy following files into your micro sd card :

2. insert the r4i gold pro flashcart with sd card into your ds dsi 3ds or 3ds xl. turn on your console

r4 3ds card

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