Confirmed : SCDS2 and Wood R4i gold RTS 3DS Can Work Well on 3DS V6.1.0-11.

3DS V6.1.0-11 was the latest version for 3DS Console.  This is the newest firmware updated by Nintendo today. But the good news was that the update not mean to block flashcard, but enchance the users experience.  So,  if the flashcart you owned can work well on 3DS V6.0-0-11,then it will work  on v6.1.0  as well.

Then at present which flashcart can support 3ds v6.0 ? Let’s have a quicker look at following compatibility list :

Directly  Supported 3DS Flashcart


R4i gold rts 3ds card

R4idsn 3ds

Incoming working card

R4isdhc rts 3ds

Non working card

R4i gold pro

r4isdhc silver rts 3ds

r4isdhc dual-core card

Just as we have seen, at present , only three cards can support 3ds latest firmware, so if you are the other cards users, pls dont hurry up to update your console before the updated patch released, otherwise your card will be blocked. and now our store provide preflashed 3ds v6.1.0 compatbility card, and you can buy it from here : buy 3dsflashcart


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