Which R4 card support 3DS V6.0.0?

Nintendo 3DS V6.0.0system lock flashcard

Nintendo upgraded 3DS system to V6.0.0 on Juan 17th, most flashcard are locked. If you are using a flashcard, please don't upgrade the 3DS to latest V6.0.0 version, orelse, The R4 card can not work any more. It will shows “error, please power off the console to reset the system”.

R4 cards locked by 3DS V6.0.0

almost all flashcard can not work on 3DS V6.0.0 anymore!

  • R4i SDHC card (V5.0 and RTS) card from r4i-sdhc.com

  • R4i Gold card (r4i gold pro and r4i-gold 3ds) from r4i-gold.com

  • R4i Gold plus card from r4ids.com

  • TT 3DS card from n3dstt.com.

  • R4i RTS card (both r4isdhc silver and r4i dual core)from r4isdhc.com.

  • 3DS card from n3dscard.com.

  • R4iTT RTS card from r4itt.net.

  • R4idsn 3DS card from r4idsn.com

  • Ace3DS card from ace3ds.com

  • EZflash card from ezflash.com.

R4 card support 3DS V6.0.0

Currently, only the R4i Gold 3DS card from r4ids.cn and the Supercard dstwo from supercard.sc can work on 3DS V6.0.0-12 E/U/J system.

How to upgrade Supercard DStwo for 3DS V6.0.0

New Supercard dstwo card will be built-in the latest DStwo V1.20 firmware, and it can directly work on 3DS V6.0.0 console. But if your Supercard dstwo card is bought before, you need to update the dstwo firmware to V1.20 version, before it can work on latest 3DS V6.0.0 system.



  • Step 1: Download the latest Dstwo V1.20 firmware to computer.

  • Step 2: Unzip and copy the upgrade file such as "dstwoupdate.dat" to MicroSD.

  • Step 3: Make sure you have DSTWO EOS system in your MicroSD, if you don't have, please download: DSTWO EOS v1.11(2012-12-12).

  • Step 4: Use a ds or dsi (below v1.4.5) console to run the dstwo card. Put the dstwo with SD card into the ds console.

  • Step 5: connect the DS console to AC power, to get enough power on upgrade process.

  • Step 6: Turn on the DS power, EOS will detect the upgrade file, press A to upgrade.

Now, the DSTWO support the latest version console. Off cause if the firmware declared support the latest version console.

How to upgrade R4i Gold card (r4ids.cn) for 3DS V6.0.0

In order to make your r4i gold 3ds support 3DS V6.0.0-X, you need to update your r4i gold 3DS with r4i gold 6.0 patch. Please follow the instructions below carefully:

R4i gold 3DS

  1. Download and install the latest WOOD R4 V1.60 kernel (have to re-download it even you did it before)

  2. Download the r4i gold 6.0 patch.

  3. Unzip r4i gold 6.0 patch to the root directory of your tf card.

  4. Get a NDSL/NDSi or a 3DS which system version is below 3DS V6.0.0-11.

  5. Run R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds to update your r4i Gold 3DS card

  6. Attention: do not power off your console during the updating process

  7. After updating your r4i Gold 3DS card successfully open the shell of your card, see the PCB picture below, cut off the signal line as shown by arrow in the yellow oval.


Now, your r4i Gold 3DS card can work on 3DS 6.0.0-1


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