R4i sdhc 3ds rts card released by r4i-sdhc.com Team

New R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card released by r4i-sdhc.com Team, the r4i sdhc 3ds rts card added the RTS functionality: Real-time save features; Real-time guide features; User-cheat features. The r4i 3ds rts card can support 3DS V5.0.0-11, 3DS V4.5.0-10, DSi V1.4.5 and all below versions; just download the kernel v1.67b to support your Nintendo console.

Remark: RTS features only applicable for the new card which label RTS.

R4i V1.66b Update:

1. Add multi-save features for RTS. Maximum 4 RTS save files.

2. Increase speed of create RTS save.

3. New “hidden” features for RTS, for user to protect individual RTS save files.

4. Solved game hang problem while load empty RTS file.

5. New memory features to memorize last used RTS save file.

6. Fix some kernel bug.

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS Functionality

● Real-time save features

Allows user save current game state at any time of the game. Player can immediately continue the game state by reload the save file after the game failed or shut down the console. R4i-SDHC launches unique sharing features where RTS save files can be share between the users.

● Real-time guide features

Real-time guide features allows user to read hints/guide of the games immediately without exit to the game. Real-time guide support 2 types of format (text and picture). User can write guide into any “txt” file or “bmp” file. The size of the “bmp” file should be “256×192”. The “txt” file support English, Simplify Chinese and Japanese language coding. If both “txt” and “bmp” file exist, “bmp” guide file will have a priority.

● User-cheat features

Enhance the features of user cheat. User allow to activate/deactivate/modify user cheat at any point of the game. To do these changes, user need to save the state of the game then return to the MENU to configure the user cheat. After that just need to run the game and reload the RTS save file again.

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS card’s Features:

• Compatible with 3DS (XL) V5.0.0-11, V4.5.0-10, V4.4.0-10, V4.2.0-9, V4.0.0-7, V3.0.0-6, V3.0.0-5, V2.2.0-4, V2.1.0-4, V2.1.0-3, V2.0.0-2, V1.1.0-1, V1.0.0-0 (U/E/A/J/K)

• Works well on DSi (XL) Ver 1.4.5,1.4.4, 1.4.3, 1.4.2, 1.4.1, 1.4, 1.3 (U/E/A/J/K)

• Supports all new and old DS games

• Others are similar to R4i SDHC 3DS

For more information about the r4/r4i products visit r4 3ds site and also you can check out the latest R4 3DS accessories and software regarding games from our website r4ir4i.co.uk


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Confirmed : SCDS2 and Wood R4i gold RTS 3DS Can Work Well on 3DS V6.1.0-11.

3DS V6.1.0-11 was the latest version for 3DS Console.  This is the newest firmware updated by Nintendo today. But the good news was that the update not mean to block flashcard, but enchance the users experience.  So,  if the flashcart you owned can work well on 3DS V6.0-0-11,then it will work  on v6.1.0  as well.

Then at present which flashcart can support 3ds v6.0 ? Let’s have a quicker look at following compatibility list :

Directly  Supported 3DS Flashcart


R4i gold rts 3ds card

R4idsn 3ds

Incoming working card

R4isdhc rts 3ds

Non working card

R4i gold pro

r4isdhc silver rts 3ds

r4isdhc dual-core card

Just as we have seen, at present , only three cards can support 3ds latest firmware, so if you are the other cards users, pls dont hurry up to update your console before the updated patch released, otherwise your card will be blocked. and now our store provide preflashed 3ds v6.1.0 compatbility card, and you can buy it from here : buy 3dsflashcart


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Nintendo 3DS System Update To 6.0.0-11 And Block R4i 3DS Flashcart

Nintendo has released another new system V6.0.0-11 for the Nintendo 3DS on 2013-06-18. The updated version 6.0.0-11 bring many changes

1. adds a save data backup feature, which allows users to back up save data for downloadable versions of Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games.

2. improves system stability and usability,

3. The update is now available for download for all 3DS owners across the globe.

In Europe, the update also brings the following features:

  • Two kinds of games in a “bigger” Mii Plaza – ones you’ve already, plus ones to purchase!

  • We’ve now got a Shop, and Exchange Booth, a Check for Updates button and a new Play icon, along with a new second screen menu.

  • New games – Streetpass Squad, Streetpass Garden, Streetpass Battle, Streetpass Mansion.

  • New game selection section.

  • Games are bought with real money, as in eShop purchases.

  • Streetpass Squad is like Streetpass Quest. Takes place in space. Battle the Gold Bone Gang. Costs £4.49.

  • Streetpass Garden. You move in to a house in Leafington and try to become a Master Gardener, under the tutelage of Mr Mendel. Grow flowers and decorate your garden. Costs £4.49.

  • Streetpass Battle. Game of strategy and luck. Rule a remote country in a wartorn land. Your butler, Wentworth, helps you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Ultimate goal to conquer the world! Costs £4.49.

  • Streetpass Mansion. Spooky paranormal investigation. You’re a detective trying to solve the mystery of a haunted house, helped by your assistant Ella Mentree. You work to uncover truth with the help of people you meet inside. Battle enemies to reach the top floor. Costs £4.49.

  • Combo pack is only available for your first purchase and costs £13.49 (saving of £4.47). Deal only available if you buy all four at first. If you buy one on its own, the rest cost full price.

  • Exchange booth is locked. Clicking on it doesn’t do anything yet. You’ll need to earn tickets (see below) to use it.

  • No Xenoblade puzzle for me, but I did get a Skyward Sword one.

  • Playing games wins you hats and plaza tickets for achieving certain goals. Exchange these for new Mii accessories. Not available in the StreetPass Quest/Quest II or Puzzle Swap.

  • Get a Pixel Mario hat to commemorate

Just as a word says ” every coins have two sides “, although 3DS firmware 6.0.0-11 adds many new features, yet, at the same time, it also blocked of flashcart, this confirmed news is from GBA forum,a famous flashcart forum and let’s read original post:

Quotated :

“The North American 3DS firmware has been updated to version 6.0.0-11U, along with 6.0.0-12E and 6.0.0-12J for Europe and Japan. This release blocks flashcarts, so it is advised to wait for a [insert your flashcard here] update before updating the 3DS firmware.

“Version 6.0.0-11U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

Save Data Backup Feature:

Users can now back up save data for downloadable versions of Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games

Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-4U:

New features for the Nintendo 3DS Camera

Content for StreetPass Mii Plaza

System Transfer between two Nintendo 3DS systems

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-1…”

So, at present, please don’t hurry up to update your console and just patient to wait for more coming detailed news.


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Instruction der 3DS 6.0 Patch aktualisieren

Dieser Patch aktualisiert ist etwas anders als zuvor, tun Sie es bitte sorgfältig Schritt für Schritt! der entscheidende Punkt: Verpatchung Aktualisierung für Ihre Karte, dann schneiden Sie die Signalleitung (auf der Platine) mit einem Messer wie auf dem Bild erforderlich ... (Schneiden Sie nicht die Linie, bevor der Patch Aktualisierungen erfolgreich getan!) um Ihre R4i Gold 3ds Unterstützung 3DS6.0.0-X zu machen, müssen Sie Ihre R4i Gold 3DS R4i Gold mit 6.0 Patch zu aktualisieren. Bitte folgen Sie den nachstehenden Anweisungen sorgfältig:


1. Besuchen www.r4ids.cn, laden Sie die neueste WOOD R4 V1.60 Kernel (müssen erneut herunterladen sogar du es getan hast, bevor).


2. Laden Sie die R4i Gold 6.0 Patch


3. Unzip r4i gold 6.0 Patch für das Root-Verzeichnis Ihrer TF-Karte.


4. Holen Sie sich einen NDSL / NDSi oder eine 3DS-Version, welches System unter 3DS6.0.0-11.


5. Führen R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds Ihre R4i Gold 3DS-Karte aktualisieren.


6. Achtung: nicht ausschalten der Konsole während des Update-Prozess.


7. Nach dem Aktualisieren der R4i Gold 3DS Karte erfolgreich, öffnen Sie das Gehäuse Ihrer Karte finden Sie in der PCB Bild unten, schneiden Sie die Signalleitung wie durch den Pfeil in der gelben oval dargestellt.


Hinweis: Schneiden Sie nicht die Linie, bevor der Patch aktualisieren getan!


8. Jetzt können Sie Ihre R4i Gold 3DS Karte auf 3DS 6.0.0-11 arbeiten


Sie können zudem Ihre R4i Gold 3DS-Karte auf einem NDSL, falls Sie nicht eingeben können Holz Menü mit Ihrer Karte


1. Nehmen Sie einfach eine funktionierende Flashkarte (wie R4, AK2, DSTwo usw) und booten




2. Nehmen Sie Ihre Arbeit von der Flashkarte NDSL und fügen Sie Ihre R4i Gold 3DS-Karte


3. Presse KEY_A und die Aktualisierung wird gestartet.


4. Nach der Aktualisierung erfolgreich, müssen Sie die gleiche wie oben Schritt 7 (abgeschnitten Signalleitung) zu tun.

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R4ISDHC SILIVER pasarela 3DS tarjeta últimas noticias de dólares, 80 en libertad, pero las regiones siguen bloqueados


Portal 3DS tarjeta últimas noticias liberarse: 80 dólares, pero aún regiones bloqueado


La semana pasada escribí un informe sobre pasarela tarjeta de 3DS, que soporta 3DS ROM con la tarjeta del TF. Los funcionarios


declaró que la tarjeta soporta 3DS y 3DSLL, y todos ROMS 3DS sin excepción. Recientemente, la puerta de enlace 3DS


Sitio web oficial actualizado de las novedades y respondió a algunas preguntas detalladas jugadores preocupación más, R4I SDHC SILIVER.


El precio de venta sugerido es de alrededor de $ 80. Nos encontrará en el mercado a finales de junio. Es aconsejable


que el dinero no debe ser pagado por adelantado hasta que, ace3ds plus; pre-órdenes están abiertas oficialmente en el sitio web oficial.


La tarjeta de puerta de enlace 3DS admite una micro SD por Game.The micro tamaño de la tarjeta SD no tiene que coincidir con el tamaño del juego


siempre y cuando la tarjeta micro SD es más grande que el tamaño de rom. Por el tamaño mínimo de la tarjeta micro SD, una gama


de 256MB a 4GB es aceptable.


En la actualidad, la tarjeta no se puede jugar a juegos de otras regiones, pero la promesa de fabricación para hacer una pausa debido a la


la demanda popular.


GATEWAY 3DS no puede jugar homebrew y copias de seguridad y restauración de los datos guardados no se encuentra disponible también.


El fabricante sugiere las actualizaciones del sistema deben evitarse en caso de Nintendo bloque Gateway con una actualización.


La puerta de enlace de 3DS puede jugar en modo multijugador, tarjeta R4i 3ds local y en línea, pero se aconseja no utilizar las funciones en línea. Usted puede


undate GATEWAY 3DS, i9300, pero no se puede jugar a juegos de DS con ella

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